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#LockdownZim Day 34: All In One Week…

#LockdownZim Day 34: All In One Week...
In a week where Winky D’s fans went after comedy sensation Ray Vines for speaking his mind, Boity announces that she’s ditching her thwasa practise, Shadaya and Olinda went to the extremes and a couple of musical videos dropped, it’s […]

In a week where Winky D’s fans went after comedy sensation Ray Vines for speaking his mind, Boity announces that she’s ditching her thwasa practise, Shadaya and Olinda went to the extremes and a couple of musical videos dropped, it’s been another hectic week in the world of entertainment and arts. Because some of you had so much going on in your lives, it was easy to miss some of these stories. #ENTHUSE hereby gives you a round-up of some of the events that captured our attention or made news this week.

Vokal’s Confession

Godfrey Bakasa popularly known as Vokal, might not be an entertainer of any sort but his work behind the scenes in the industry has earned him the respect of many. The 29 years old executive has managed numerous artists including Seh Calaz, Bounty Lisa, Stunner and Gary Tight. Little did we know that his affair with the culture was more than business, rather personal up until he admitted that he felt he has “let down the culture”.

In a post that he put up on his Facebook page, the man behind the ‘Vokal All Black’ brand said he betrayed the culture and it got “devoured” and eaten by “vultures”. Who the culture vultures are we will never know but Vokal said that whatever the culture is experiencing currently are the “ripple effects of the cowardice negligence” he did. Of course, we’d love to know more on this, Vokal.

Ray Vines vs the Ninjas

In the world of online comedy sensation Ray Vines, any exceptional artist who deserves to be celebrated must nurture other up-and-coming artists. But in a universe where Winky D reigns, the comedian must shut the fuck up. No, he should be made to pay for even thinking that. This week Ray, real name Melusi Chiripowako, find himself at loggerheads with Winky D’s cult after he took a dig at renowned Zimdancehall star saying for him to be considered as a “big” artiste, he must a least nurture three rookie artistes.

Speaking to Chillspot Records producer Levelz on a live video, Ray Vines said that Winky D was labelled as the best entertainer in the country, but for him (Ray) to call him that, the Gaffa should at least promote or consign five or three artistes. The comedian said Winky should take notes from Jah Prayzah who has promoted several musicians through his Military Touch Movement stable that has promoted ExQ, Nutty O, Andy Muridzo and Tahle Wedzinza among others.

While the sentiment is indubitably factual but uncalled for, it did not sit well with Winky D’s fans. The 20-year-old comedian was screamed at like a deadbeat baby-daddy by a crack headed baby-momma, and called all sorts of unprintable names and torn apart left, right and centre so badly that he ended up apologising for his opinion.

“Winky D is a legend, and he inspires me too. Sorry guys for dissing Winky D, I have seen that he inspires a lot of people,” he said.

Whew chile, the erraticness! Maybe he should read Cool People & the Lost Art of Shutting the Eff Up piece? or Winky D’s ninjas need a chill pill?

Is Teemak Doing Too Much?

Is Oswald Teemak Prophet Passion Java without a church and pseudo tongues? The answer deepens on the context, as the two have two commonalities… working with Enzo Ishal and just doing too damn much of whatever their business on earth is.

Anywho, the 23-year-old Malaysia-based promoter-cum-financial expert seems do be doing too much all of sudden. Whether it’s venting out his opinions on the Winky D vs Ray Vines scuffle, posting for the sake of posting on sosho media or ever-wearing white, Teemak doesn’t seem to be holding back anytime soon. His newfound relevance and fame must be intoxicating af. We just hope he is right in everything he does.

Shadaya & Olinda… The New Starwars of Social Media?

It’s a long story but socialite Olinda Chapel and notorious social media fanatic Tawona Shadaya this week went to the extremes of their social exchange. What initially started as a mere war of words between a pile of tainted testosterone and a host of polarising chromosome X quickly escalated to the detrimental heights of despicable body-shaming that saw the two fat-shaming and queer-shaming each other. While we don’t usually encourage our readers to check out and promote negativity, the graphic details of this affair are well written all over their social media trails.

Tsitsi Dangarembgwa Is Not Well, But The Medical Practitioners Seem Not To Care!

Novelist, playwright, and filmmaker Tsitsi Dangarembga is not ok. Unfortunately, the hospital attendants seem to be preoccupied on “other” things that they have been paying her deaf ears and blind eyes. On Friday evening, the “Nervous Condition” writer posted a video in which she explained that she had been trying to get treatment for sinusitis and other symptoms for a while.

No More Gogo Boitumelo?!

Boity had a bit of a challenge balancing her celebrity status and protecting her very sacred Gogo Boitumelo thwasa practise. During her interview with Glamour Magazine, The Bakae rapper revealed that she will no longer be practising as a sangoma and that it was a private matter that she was not obliged to talk about any further, as she would not want to reduce it to just mere celebrity gossip.

“Yes I did go thwasa but I’m not going to practice as a sangoma. This is a very sensitive matter that I don’t want to talk about in the media. It’s a personal matter and way too deep to be reduced into a celebrity gossip in the newspaper. It’s a secret. It’s so much deeper,” she said.

When news broke of her practising as a sangoma, fans got introduced to Gogo Boitumelo, who would help them with their spiritual journeys all over their timelines. She would help her followers by interpreting their dreams for them online. Well, our areams are shuttered, y”all!

Gemma Griffiths Treks Africa In “Ndinewe”

Sometimes last year, acoustic soul and folk/pop artiste Gemma Griffiths revealed that she and filmmaker Marc Neilson were on a 500-day road journey across Africa, to write her debut album. The trip spread over 18 months, where they lived in a Landrover Defender, meeting musicians and connecting with them.

It appears the adventure was funny and eye-opening. This week the Garai Pano maker released a video for her new song, “Ndinewe” in which she shares her experience travelling across the continent. From the impenetrable forest of Bwindi, Uganda, to the Tanzanian mountains, the Mozambican Archipelago islands, and the Namibian desert, this journey of two artists and a vision is nothing short of spectacular. Check out the video below.

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