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Shadaya vs Mudiwa Hood

Mudiwa Hood is not comfortable with owning or taking accountability for what he did.

Recently, rapper Mudiwa Hood called out Shadaya Knight for saying:

“Calling women kids with breasts is unacceptable!”

Shadaya then responded saying:

“Don’t be a holier than thou soul?“

Shadaya went on to post screenshots between him and Mudiwa Hood, where Mudiwa asked Shadaya to deal with MisRed for disrespecting him.

Twitter shot
With the evidence present one might wonder why Mudiwa Hood is not comfortable with owning or taking accountability for what he did.

Here’s the harsh reality: we all fear backlash. We all fear being seen in a bad way because this could be detrimental to our reputation.

Here are some more reasons misleading is bad in the long run.


When you lie to someone, you create a false sense of hope and belief within them and as soon as they have found out you were lying they get angry, sad, and have a great level of resentment which usually leads to hate. Because through expressing a truth you are building trust with someone and as soon as you break the trust it’s difficult to build it again.

Losing your reputation

As soon as people figure out you are lying, they will probably never see you the same way. So the question reemerges again why do people avoid accountability.

Unresolved Trauma

Being misunderstood and rejected is traumatic. It makes you believe there is something wrong with you. Your sole “purpose” for a long time will be fixing yourself so you can be loved and accepted by everyone. Here is the truth we all have our personal imperfections and does that make us bad people well no. We are all a working progress. Remember that!

People Pleasing

Imagine not being loved for who you are by the people love and care about the most ! That stings because there will always be a void within your heart and one will do whatever they need to to fill that void. People pleasers tend to be extremists and go to the most outrageous levels to be seen and heard. The problem is that external acceptance gives a high within that moment but when the high drys up you will end up sad and miserable.

How can we become better people?

  • Through becoming more present to the moments we experience in our day-to-day lives. We are creating space for connection and belonging in our lives.
  • By removing the mask which is also known as the persona you are allowing people to see you for who you really are which means belonging is definitely guaranteed but on the other hand judgment and hate are unavoidable.
  • If we stop avoiding ourselves and rather step into ourselves and allow ourselves to experience those uncomfortable emotions which have been holding us, hostage

What are the benefits of Practicing Transparency and Accountability

Through showing people the totality of wo you are , this will create:

  • A greater level of peace will be created
  • The write people will gravitate towards you
  • You will feel a deeper of acceptance and love
  • Happiness is easier to obtain
  • Most importantly the noise in your head will disappear
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