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Dirty Socks, Bedrooms & Torsos, Why are Tino & Mudiwa being so Petty

Dirty Socks, Bedrooms & Torsos, Why are Tino & Mudiwa are being Petty
As obnoxious as Mudiwa Hood can be on social, we're still not quite sure if he's more obnoxious than any other celebrity or public figure.

Low and behold it has come to pass that two Zimbabwean heartthrobs, Mudiwa Hood and Tino Chinyani have had their tension erupt into… the pettiest social media feud in history!

Zimbabwean model and personality Tino Chinyani recently dropped quite the bomb on many-many women that pined over the heartthrob. Someone would be calling him daddy and not in the way his female fans liked it. Yup, Tino would be having a baby boy with a fellow model Simphiwe Ngema.

Meanwhile, local heartthrob Mudiwa Hood had just simultaneously entered the daddy and single-zone rather quickly.

More on that another time.

The newly established bachelor had taken to social media to continue an old habit. Writing very public letters to his wife-to-be. One of those included moody pictures of Mudiwa’s glossy bedroom. His counterpart was less than impressed after blog Zim Celebs shared the celebrity’s boudoir.


“ya’ll need to stop hyping nonsense, what small boy moves are these?”

Commented Tino Chinyani.

Mudiwa’s retort implied he didn’t know who Tino was, talk about hashtag, SHADE.

“who is this guy, balance me guys” Mudiwa commented back.

Tino’s response though witty might have been one he’d live to regret.

“I’m the guy you thought you could be, take notes. I’ll make it a good show” he shot back.

Perhaps it was after a night in his Benjamin Franklin strewn bedroom, that Mudiwa plotted his revenge.

It would not be pretty, it’d be petty.

This morning across his socials was a four-paragraph response to the daddy-to-be, Tino Chinyani.

In it, Mudiwa played out his rags to riches story to a nine. Maintaining that he and Tino had ‘different hustles’.

“Listen, we come from two different worlds and backgrounds. I am a ghetto boi who grew up with nothing not even a bed and i ain’t ashamed”, read the post.
Bragging a bit about his Philanthropic efforts, Mudiwa called Tino a selfish teenage boy.
“I know poverty cause i lived it, thats why I help people, give food and money to those in need…have you ever helped any Zimbo iwewe or Zimbos there in SA who are struggling to make ends meet in this Lockdown? selfish kid…u jus know flooding naked pictures of your guvhu dende on social media…”
In the heated post, Mudiwa Hood went as far as to call Tino a parasite who lives off vulnerable women, ouch!
“When it comes to being SMART, both the mind and looking smart, you can take notes! You grew up a privileged and spoiled kid who knows nothing about hustling that’s why you been hitting on old cougars who are rich and paying for your trips and buying you things. You are 9 years or so younger in your entanglement, and you call that hustling?”
In a weird conclusion to the rant, Mudiwa‘blessed’ Tino and his family and ended with the hashtag #ShutUpandMakeMoney which is also the title to his upcoming book.
“I bless You, however, May God be with you and your new family…Bless your wife too… As a matter of principle, I respect women and I tried by all means not to involve her, bless her.”
As obnoxious as Mudiwa Hood can be on social, we’re still not quite sure if he’s more obnoxious than any other celebrity or public figure. He still does seem to get a whole lot more criticism than most.
The opening of his statement might imply he rarely claps back but anyone who trolls him would know the Artist never takes it lying down. Evidently, this clap-back came not only with a whole lot of petty but a whole lot of shaming too.

Perhaps it was the ego-gorging adoration from female fans that catalysed the mean streak we recently witnessed when Tino took his petty to 100. We aren’t even sure why Tino was being a troll or if there’s any prior beef between the two.

Here we have two brilliant black men that are successful in their chosen fields choosing to roll in the mud for what we wonder.

Whatever it may be, we hope they take their own advice by shutting up, being great dads and making their money.

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