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Misred’s Upcoming Book ‘Be Faithful To Your Happiness’ is for Cheaters

MisRed said it is a beautiful journey of discovery, honesty and vulnerability.

Dynamic and Zimbabwe’s most sought after media personality Samantha MisRed Musa’s life invites both awe and controversy. Her Red-nation fanbase and everyone who follows her knows that the thirty-two years old ravishing beauty keeps track of absolutely everything—from things she would never admit out loud, to all the enamouring pools she swims in while drinking all kinds of wines with unpronounceable names, to all the days she’s ever ugly-cried and made to apologise for her perspectives.

Speaking of self-image and beauty, the queen of daytime radio’s fashion sensibilities have been ingrained in pop culture. The vamp in me covetously just want to assemble a picture collection of hers with a myriad of sneakers and sexy ensembles ranging from red, baby pink and brown snakeskin print pieces to the more simplified albeit still sultry black vinyl, mesh and sparkly fits.

Enough of my vacuous imaginations about things that are way too far off my reach. Word reaching us is that while we were all stuck in our houses terrified by a speechless pandemic, MisRed wrote a -drumroll- book titled ‘Be Faithful To Your Happiness’ and she will be launching it on the 18th May 2021.

The announcement, we are told, was made at her 32nd private birthday party held in Harare last Sunday, May 9. Apparently, fellow radio personality and poet SoProfound helped to make the rescript, adding that the book will be available for purchase on MisRed’s website www.imisred.com and in bookstores around Zimbabwe.

Describing the book, MisRed said it is a beautiful journey of discovery, honesty and vulnerability.

“The book is a journey on how I moved from cheating to being faithful to my happiness. In that journey, I learnt that happiness is an inside job and not a feeling or event. When I was going through many trials including sickness and couldn’t share with anyone I found solace in writing. I would find myself writing every time and that is how the book was birthed,” she said.

Be Faithful To Your Happiness: The Book Summary

“For a very long time happiness was to me a fleeting concept. One that was always tied to something. A person, a place, a moment, something tangible. So when that thing was removed, so was my happiness. At some point I didn’t want my happiness to be a guessing game anymore and that pursuit to find the answers is what led to this book.

This book (Be Faithful to Your Happiness) is a journey of discovery, it’s about the decision to be in control of my happiness. It’s about faithfulness to a process and finding beauty in the obvious.” MisRed

ImChris Charamba

Head Storyteller/Critic at Large in Culture at Enthuse Afrika

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