Winky D & Gemma Griffiths Serve us some Gaffa-Love in #MuGarden

By now, I assume we all have probably heard the story of the first biblical lovers to exist; Adam and Eve. But, do we truly understand what took place on that day in the Garden of Eden?

So many questions and interpretations.

Was it real anyway?

So when you go back, and you look at the story as it is presented in one of the oldest pieces of literature, it’s much more nuanced. What I’m sure of is there’s some kind of counter-narrative by artists and thinkers and writers but…

Enter Winky D and Gemma Griffiths…

Winky D and Gemma Griffiths are already individually all kinds of sauce and the MuGarden video is more likely than less a potential hit. After being the longest fan of the Gaffa, Gemma has done a good number of Winky D covers. Truth is it was only a matter of time. In Mu Garden, they paired up to add their creative contribution to the list of other innumerable references of the story of Adam and Eve.

We watch Winky D defying the temptation of the fruit, Gemma playing temptress with the serpent. The pair prance around in nature as an interracial Adam and Eve. Gemma sings in ZimDancehall autotune but manages to maintain her vocal identity.

The whole video is a good shift from the Gaffa’s video failings and for that we are grateful.  The new video released a few hours ago today and is almost on 100k views.

The Gaffa wins, now all we want for Valentine’s is some #Gaffalove.


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