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From Mafriq, Stunner to Leonard Mapfumo check out The Chamhembe Story

From Mafrique, Stunner to Leornard Mapfumo check out The Chamhembe Story
Here are episodes from The Chamhembe story so far

Zimbabwean Artist and all-round media personality take us backwards in musical time in the recently launched Chamhembe Story. In this 5-part series SoProfound interviews some of the key people who made Chamhembe.

For bo-2k…

The history of Zimbabwean music is incomplete without mentioning one of the most pivotal and impactful eras ever. Some like to refer to this time as the urban grooves era. While others simply call it “pakauya vapfanha vemaCD”. This was the time Chamhembe came into being. It’s been nearly two decades since artists like Leonard Mapfumo, Stunner, Pauline and Roki came onto the Zimbabwean scene.

For the past three weeks, SoProfound has given nostalgic Zimbos for a front-row seat to one of the most impactful moments in Zimbabwean music.


It’ll include some exciting never heard before stories, the history, influences and insight into some of the moments that shaped Zimbabwean urban music as we now know it, said SoProfound.

Here episodes from The Chamhembe story so far


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