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We Can’t Pretend Like We Didn’t Hear How Michael Chiunda Fantasises Over Tamy Moyo

We Can’t Pretend Like We Didn’t Hear How Michael Chiunda Fantasises Over Tamy Moyo
“I don’t like no girls but I would smash that Tamy Moyo; don’t mind me,” Michael raps on the song.

Now, let the record reflect that #Enthuse-iasts are not ones to gossip, so, you didn’t hear this from us. But word on the proverbial streets is that hip-hop artist and poet Michael Chiunda nee’ Meyniak served us with some tea on his new song, “Pungwe Music” which features Rymez and Soko Matemai.

In fact, we’ve been hearing increasing buzz about some of the juicier bits of the wordsmith’s sexuality, either through his meditative and self-reflective work or via the corridors of rumours, lies and gossip, which is indeed the trifecta we don’t subscribe too of course. Yet, it is an interesting twist that he takes on the just-released jam that will probably astonish some, if not all his listeners.

For fear of being politically wrong about things – given how deeply developmental and dynamical queer politics is – we can not identify Michael as either autosexual, pansexual, pomosexual or spectrasexual. However, one thing is for certain; he might not be into girls but for him, singer and actor Tamy Moyo is an exception.

Spitting about how wax he gets on the mic, rapping like a waterfall with words gushing out of him, tumbling into the microphone, and bragging about the crew that he moves around when he pulls up, the “Story of Lochnation” rapper militantly claims;

“I don’t like no girls but I would smash that Tamy Moyo,” and asked us not to mind him.

Well, it’s OK then.

Are we surprised that Michael said what he said? No! We believe in sexual liberation and have shown so by launching the #QueerFro column to that cause. And that it had to be about Tamy and her alone? Again, not an ounce. The Kwandinobva songstress has a ravaging beauty and a nonesuch talent. She is one of the few people who, if your partner has a thing for her, leaves you thinking “Yeah…I get it” and impressed with their taste.

Reasoning from that premise, it is utterly the question of Michael’s genuineness that’s left to be pondered on. Whether he meant and felt it or it if was one of those filler lines he threw to complete a stunt couplet is beyond our comprehension but it wouldn’t hurt to explain, Michael. Also, what will be interesting is to find out how Tamy feels about it. Will she take it as a compliment or will she go Swift-on-Kanye on the rapper?

Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t take away the fact that “Pungwe Music” is a bespoke song by two dope wordsmiths and a platinum-selling producer having fun. It acts as a reminder that there still aren’t that many people who can hang with both Michael and Soko Matemai lyrically. Remember, we are talking of wordsmiths whose worst songs could be listed among your other favourite emcee’s greatest records.

The song couldn’t have come on a better project than on the just dropping Pungwe Sessions Vol. 2, which also boasts contributions from topnotch and breakout artists like Gze, Boss Pumacol, Nutty O, Simba Tagz, Thaiwanda, Shashl, Chengeto, King Kandoro, Sylent Nqo and Garry Mapanzure.

A brainchild of Point Black Africa and Goethe-Zentrum Harare/Zimbabwe German Society, the record follows up the revolutionary 2014 Pungwe Sessions that produced hits such as “Phil Chiyangwa” by Rymez and Jnr Brown.

Point Black Africa’s Phil Chard said Zimbabwe had a wealth of talented artists who could benefit from collaboratory sessions with a globally acclaimed producer – Rymez – who would educate them on “how to approach their craft as a brand”.

As for the UK based Rymez, the project is his way of giving back to his home country.

“When we made the first Pungwe Sessions the goal was for me to give back to my country. I was starting to find success in the United Kingdom, and I wanted to use that visibility to promote artists back home. I think we were able to do that, but we also made some mistakes and this time around we wanted to use those lessons on this project,” he said.

To date, Rymez has worked and crafted chart-topping hits for renowned world stars like Stefflon Don, Wiley, Tinie Tempah and Sean Paul.

Pungwe Sessions Vol. 2’s recording process was captured on video and will be shown in a documentary that will drop in tandem with the project on June 5.

Check out “Pungwe Music” by Michael Chiunda ft Rymez and Soko Matemai below. 

ImChris Charamba

Head Storyteller/Critic at Large in Culture at Enthuse Afrika

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