#Empawa: Hillzy Drops You Are Enough Visuals!!

No doubt The Empawa project is helping elevate artists to greater heights. Hillzy is one of the artists chosen by the project. He just dropped visuals for his song You’re enough, as always, it is nothing short of amazing.

The song’s old video was pretty cool but Empawa took Hillzy to a different level and his hard work is definitely paying off. Just a few weeks after dropping an awesome video with Garry he’s  actually not playing as he’s already owned first three months of 2019 through visuals and by just being Hillzy ( Nyazura freestyle is the one too )

Truly loved the whole concept of the video which vividly sends a message to all the ladies out there and truly matches the lyrics of the song as Hillzy affirms them as the title alludes “ You Are Enough “

Hillzy pulled off a dapper look, suited up with different scenes sending a message ( not going to spoil anything ) Y’all should check out the video and tell us what you think.




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