About Garry & Hillzy's Big Zim Tour Plans
Garry Mapanzure

About Garry & Hillzy’s BIG Zim Tour Plans

Garry Garikai Munashe Mapanzure is a student of Architecture at the North China University of Technology in Beijing, China. You may know him or will better be acquainted with him through his Music. Word on the street is the young Zimbabwean Artist is working on a varsity tour with an equally talented man, Hillzy.

The dates haven’t really been revealed but rumour has it between August and September.
Garry and Hillzy will grace Zimbabwean universities such as UZ, MSU, NUST, CUT, GZ, and Africa University for ‘The Legacy Tour’.

That’s a countrywide tour!

I, can’t BREATHE!

Garry will also be gracing the diaspora. Here are the solid dates;  

  • 28th June 2019 – LEEDS, West Indian Centre 
  • 2019 June 2019 – LEICESTER, 24 Dryden Street Social.
  • 30th June 2019 – LONDON, Goals Eltham Palace road. 

Garry is a Trace AFRICA regular who more recently got a stamp of approval from Mr Eazi through the Epawa100 project. His single Slow and hit collab TV Room with Hillzy has been pretty popular too.

We can’t wait to catch them on tour! 


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