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8 Tracks For The Zimbabwean History Makers


The mood amongst Zimbabwean people is currently ranging from cold and extra hot as history prepares to take course. Music has always been a huge part of human life and we as Africans boast of music that’s extremely spiritual, so it is only right to bless you with some tunes.

We have compiled a playlist of eight tracks that are guaranteed to give you a perspective on the current events. Check it out and make sure to groove to it or a juzi be bestowed upon your body!

1. The late Chiwoniso Maraire is famous for her connection to the traditional instrument, the mbira. Her music discussed and questioned all current social events. Or maybe she was a prophet!



2. Sharky hogged the limelight after bagging the Album of the Year gong at the Zim Hip Hop Awards last year and proceeded to give us a social commentary project this year. Take Back The Land will surely be a classic!



3. This is the don of Chimurenga music. Thomas Mapfumo’s sound influenced a lot of musical journey of present Zimbabwe. Currently based in the USA in a self-imposed exile, his music still speaks to our everyday life.



4. They have to be the leading Hip Hop collective to ever come out of Zimbabwe. After a quite a while on the low, the Few Kings gave us a new project this year and we felt it to the core. Surely, The Feeling Ain’t Fear!




5. He is one of the leading voices in the post-independence music, with smash hits that have remained favourites up to now. His legacy of Dendera music is continued and its relevance seems to be still intact.





6. Mbuya Stella is another figure whose contribution to the Chimurenga music remains unmatched. She took our traditional sound all over the world introducing some to the sound of the Marimba.



7. There some sections who seem to not be happy with whats happening. Well, just Shut Up and Groove!




8. This is a song that speaks volumes on the role of citizens in speaking up for injustice. We are so in love with the visuals. Damn!



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