Shinga Shoniwa's Ancient Futures EP is our Type of Mood
Shingai Shoniwa

Shingai Shoniwa’s Ancient Futures EP is our Type of Mood

Shingai Shoniwa is a Zimbabwean, UK-based singer-songwriter and the lead vocalist/bassist for UK indie rock band The Noisettes. Shingai has never stopped breaking borders. Her naturalistic style and groove-appeal have had her described by the Rolling Stone as “a living, breathing manifestation of the rock & roll spirit“.

More recently Shingai dropped a bomb-ass EP packed with four awesome, authentic tunes titled Coming Home, Zimtron (pretty cool name), Revolution and Champion style.

Coming Home which was released before the EP as a single is such a cool, jazzy tune motivated by her Uncle Thomas Mapfumo’s top jam “Shumba”(it’s a family thing considering How she’s also Kwaye’s sister).

In Coming Home; Shingai carries the Zimbabwean musical journey into the future with Mbira and guitars blended by her amazing voice creating an infectious melody and sound that puts the tune top of its league. Coming Home has a befitting video shot in the Domboshava Mountains of Zimbabwe, exceptional is an understatement.

Other songs in the EP such as Zimtron which Shingai described the tune as her “love Letter to London”  got us in a mood.

The effervescent soundscape titled Ancient Futures, a soulful yet energetic work of art.

It’s out now! Do check it out and tell us what you think


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