Pompi & Mag44 Get the Right Mix in #Nyimbo

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Nyimbo is a colourful conduit of Zambian Artists Pompi and Mag44 as they floss their God-given musical prowess. Produced by the latter, the track oozes Afrocentric vibes paired with lyrical precision.

This video has been long waited for by fans (such as myself) and honestly, the power duo did us proud here. The wardrobe is fresh and well complemented by the natural backdrop of the Lusaka streets. Add some beautiful grading and simple shots by the director, Lo, and you have a masterpiece. One thing that made the cinematography more organic in my opinion is the absence of aerial shots.

Just because you have access to a drone doesn’t mean you need to go over the top with bird’s eye view scenes.

Lo kept it down to earth making it more enjoyable.

One thing I’ve always loved about repeating a song is how you keep noticing something different every time you listen. While watching this video I realised how well done the music production was. The vox synth bass in the background gives a well-moulded sound that really brings the hook together for me. There’s a lot of musicality to the record and as a precursor to their collaborative album, Bwana, I’m excited about what’s in store for us.

I did feel like Pompi dominated the track since he does the hook, bridge and even penned the opening verse. Not everyone will know that Mag44 is the lead producer though, so I’m hoping to hear more from him in the foreground in their upcoming project.

When it comes to Gospel Rap in Southern Africa, Pompi is a force to reckon with and pairing him with Mag44 is always a recipe for greatness. Give this duo any project and they sure give it the Midas touch. This is why Nyimbo, even without the delightful visuals, is truly a musical gem.


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