Let’s Get it On, Netflix & Chill in Hillzy’s #TVRoom

If there was one thing to say about Hillzy and Garry Mapanzure, it is their ability to get people talking.

Based in Capetown, Zimbabwean Artist Hillzy is no stranger to dropping good jams. From the heartwarming, Muroora, Amai, What you deserve to You are enough. The articulate relationship between Hillzy’s clean Afro-Jazz sound and Garry Mapanzure’s RnB/Afro-pop vocals made for a harmonious collaboration. 

But how different, really, is TV Room ascent from that of any other love song?

Tv Room is an explosion of emotional and personal lyrics that resonate with the fans. Garry singing, “Let’s head to my Tv Room… Netflix and chill for two…” built into one single love plea. The soothing space-melody surge that accompanies those words suggests that his pursuit of love has been fulfilled. By now everyone knows about Netflix and chill, right? From your Valentines day escapes perhaps?

The scene left us in suspense though… We want to know what kinda tv is in the Tv room… Are we the only ones? Ok, it’s fine, we are the only ones that love things.

The song is a combination of catchy melodies, soothing vocals and great visuals that give listeners a chill down their spines. Quite different from corn popping sounds in the name of songs on the streets. The video consists of melanin sisters, music giants multitracked choral vocals, and not much else. Good video concept. But like all discovery stories, the real reward lies in what comes next!

The cape mountains aura oozed out from the screen drawing us in. Crisp, clean and superb concept! We gotta give credit where it’s due, shout out to the director of the video Kmane, good job!

Check out the video and let us know what you think.


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