DJ Stavo & Gemma Groffiths Give us the Best Kind of #BadNews
Gemma Griffiths 📷

DJ Stavo & Gemma Griffiths Give us the Best Kind of #BadNews

From the drop of the first beat you know chakachaya!

Stavo claps back with a single worth remembering. The artist who gave us a collaborative single with Rocquie titled The journey teams up with Indie Artist Gemma Griffiths for one titled ‘Bad News’. From the drop of the first beat you know chakachaya! DJ Stavo ain’t here to play and the intro tells you this track is most definitely the best type of bad news. Gemma Griffiths bellows out beautiful melodies and you can’t help but just tap your foot or move some part of your body in one direction or another. It’s hella catchy and yes, the new year in music has finally begun for us Zimbos.

I’m not sure who does the guitar riffs for DJ Stavo, but I have a few suspicions; this person is a master of the instrument. The licks and riffs are slowly becoming a signature mark for the Kwekwe-born producer. In simple words, that guitarist keeps bringing the heat on Stavo’s jams! When people say DJ Stavo is an afro-jazz artist, this is the sauce they’re talking about! Kudos on keeping your listenership diverse Mr Sanders. This is a masterpiece.

Gemma has always been an amazing lyricist and she doesn’t back down from inscribing her words deep into our hearts and minds. Her vocals aren’t something to debate about. They are both clean and powerful. This collaboration is the answer to the question I never asked. It was never a project I foresaw but now that it’s here, I couldn’t imagine never hearing this record.

It just makes sense.

Enough of my need to listen to this yourself and get your weekend started.


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