Oliver Mtukudzi
Oliver Mtukudzi

An Ode to Oliver Mtukudzi

Following the tragic deaths of civilians, a sombre mood continues to haunt Zimbabwe. The multi-gifted Oliver Mtukudzi took his last breath yesterday, the 23rd of January. Samanyanga, as he was fondly known, is said to have been battling with a heart ailment that led to his death in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Gifted with a powerful, memorable voice, he explored and shared the daily life struggles of the people; bringing to light issues that were once unspeakable. Be it social, political and economic plight, Oliver Mtukudzi broached each subject with a genuine rawness difficult to describe yet easy to connect with. His talents theatre and film do not go unnoticed, having penned the soundtrack to the iconic Zimbabwean film Neria.

This pilled onto the people’s favourites like NeiraTozeza BabaTodiiHear me LordNdima ndapedzaNdakuvara and many more.

In a whopping 66 albums to his name, filled with a signature blend of mbira, mbaqanga, and jit. Oliver Mtukudzi shared it freely with the rest of the world, earning him a devoted following; indeed, Tuku Music will live on as a legacy.

Now…all we can do is think of all achievements ‘tis the least to perpetuate the species; it is done.

It is the way of life, but no one can ever be prepared for it.

In the words of Zimbabwean Creative Lorraine Bgoya/ Lochnation; “we are glad that one of the most iconic Zimbabweans of all time was an Artist.”



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