Carl Joshua Ncube, Kansiime & Basketmouth For the #SavannaCCA Pan African Award
Kansiime Anne| Matooke Republic

Carl Joshua Ncube, Kansiime & Basketmouth For the #SavannaCCA Pan African Award

The Savanna Comic Choice Awards are an annual South African celebration of the funny business of Comedy. The concept came to life in 2011 from John Vlismas and Taffia Keight when they met over a cup of coffee and a sketched a design concept on a paper serviette. 

Aged 8 years now the award makes a return with the Pan African Comic Award of the Year. The Award has been given two years despite the complexities of geography, scheduling and measuring level playing field across markets. This year’s edition features Zimbabwean Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube, Uganda’s  Patrick Salvado and Kansiime Anne, Nigeria’s Basketmouth and Botswana’s Charles Manase. 

Each of these funny titans had to match eligibility requirements such as:

  • at least 1 year of professional comedy experience;
  • being a resident of an African nation excluding South Africa;
  • having produced original, quality comedy;
  • being recognized both within their country and beyond;
  • have raised awareness of African comedy in terms of the global comedy landscape;
  • who is verified by two registered comics in Africa

Under the theme ‘The Rhythm of Funny’ the official website described it as a look at the many elements of humour; 

We’ve looked at the business side, the social side and the feel-good factor. We’ve explored the freedom of comedy and how sharp it’s blade can be. This year, we change lenses again and we dive into one of the most underrated tools in a comedian’s box of tricks – the “Rhythm of Funny.” 

This year’s the Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards takes place on Saturday 8 Sept Johannesburg, South Africa at Gold Reef City.  With titans of Comedy from five different countries, may the best man or woman win! 


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