AFRIMA Debuts 4 New Award Categories
Namibian Artist The Dogg; | AFRIMA African Fans’ Favourite Winner 2017

#AFRIMA Introduces 4 New Award Categories

The fifth edition of the All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA has debuted four new award categories.

The newly introduced award categories include:

  •  African DJ of the Year;
  • Best African Dance/Choreography;
  • African Lyricist/Rapper of the Year and,
  • Best African Act in Diaspora.

AFRIMA in collaboration with the African Union incorporated these new categories for the purpose of inclusivity of all African Creatives. The addition also comes at the strong requests of voters and stakeholders of AFRIMA. African Artists regardless of location can now submit their work via the online submission portal.  If you’d like to submit, you can read the Entry Guidelines here.


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