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Twitter Tears Black Coffee Apart Over The Israel Gig But Did He Deserve It?!

Doesn't the 44-year-old DJ deserve to express his Art anywhere in the world?

World renowned South African DJ, Black Coffee has been met with serious backlash on Twitter over his decision to play in Tel Aviv, Israel over the weekend. The DJ played for a sold-out crowd amidst international calls for Israel to stop the apartheid system it has in place against Palestinians.


This barrage of comments was invited by a tweet Black Coffee posted which included footage of the crowd at the sold-out gig. His fans quickly expressed their disappointment at his venue choice, indicating that Black Coffee should understand the plight of the Palestinians as he also grew up under the harsh Apartheid system.

This stink raises a lot of questions surrounding the freedom to express art and global consciousness. Black Coffee is a global brand with a huge following in every major country and tourist destination. With appearances in Ibiza, Las Vegas, Ultra SA and more international gigs, can he afford to ‘feign ignorance’ on worldwide current affairs?!

As an artist from Africa, South Africa particularly, where creatives express their protest through their Art, his indifferent stance on this rather unfortunate outing sparks huge contrasts and contradictions.

In as much as we could bash him for not boycotting the show, is he required to represent our collective opinions wherever he goes? Doesn’t the 44-year-old DJ deserve to express his Art anywhere in the world, less the moral obligation of Political correctness?

Maybe the outrage is only greater because he did little to nothing to raise his voice against the current situation in Israel. Party-loving Israelis aside, his tweet has been seen as a rubber stamp approval for the Apartheid-esque society that is Israel and his fellow South Africans are not having any of it.

Speaking of not having any of anything, don’t we individually have a responsibility if we so decide to advocate against the injustices of the Israeli government. Boycott Israel hasn’t been exactly been on Trends SA’s list lately and neither have intense woke exchanges between young Africans across the country about fellows in Eritrea, Sudan and Ethiopia and their overwhelming search for a Mecca in countries such as Israel.


“Imagine a world where celebs, especially African ones, could use their influence to shape opinions and protect the helpless and voiceless” – they (read as we) say, and that’s about all we do.

Black Coffee’s response to the onslaught was a mixture of “I’m just an Artist” and “my family’s gotta eat.” Naturally, it was met by an overwhelming mix of reactions.


Do you think that Black Coffee deserves the fire that is coming to his end? Read the tweets below and tell us what you think!













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