A Collision with Minimal Impact, as we Review Lady Zamar’s ‘Collide’ Video

Colourful, wacky while oozing sexy and wrapped in some sass but lacking that thing...

South Africa’s Lady Zamar is a gem, not just talent wise but, you know what I mean… she’s the girl next door with s’qhabhobho appeal with dimples that make my insides hurt, which is why I feel a bit of an a-hole being this honest.

She has finally released a music video for the song ‘Collide’ and honestly, I’m a tad disappointed. It goes without saying that when you’ve been waiting for something for a long time, you have super high expectations. (You remember Ammara Brown’s case of Akilliz)
Anyway, I really expected more from this video in terms of a catchy theme and solid story line. It contains neither.

Let’s check out the pros for a bit: the wardrobe is pretty dope and Lady Zamar gets to flaunt her plus-size self. Kudos to her for being proud of the body she’s in. It’s always a good thing to see popular figures raise self-pride in their followers like that. I’m a fan! The colours in the different sets are all vibrant and will definitely keep you watching that’s for sure. I’ll say just the same for the props.

Here are my issues with this video though. This is a love song about two people colliding or rather, falling in love. There is little visual reference to romance in this video and the one couple we do see don’t get enough screen-time to qualify as the characters being spoken of in the lyrics. If there are any metaphors for love, I don’t see them unlike in videos such as ‘My Baby’ for example. Honestly, the video is very haphazard and seems to be a collection of really cool sets the crew stumbled across.

Lady Zamar’s songwriting and composing are pretty much next-level stuff but the visuals to this hit track make her seem somewhat bland. Not as impactful as I had hoped.


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