#RapidReview Noble Stylz-Problem (Prod. By Fun_F)


Part of the Better Than your Album package that Zim Hip Hop veteran, Noble Stylz has in store for us this season, Problem is a story telling anthem narrating the current social problems being faced and how we are approaching them.

Guitar notes and 8o8s kicks all complimentary of Fun_F to give off that head nodding Hip Hop mood to draw the listeners attention while lifting their hands up high in respect to the truth Noble spits on all his verses. Listening to the track we note that no one is left untouched as he sheds light on problems faced by almost all individuals in this present day, from the lower class to the middle class, upper class and in-between. Real talk has a few lines and quenches your lyrical thirst.

“Ini problem yangu kusa trusta vanhu ndozvandiri ndotrusta sei mai vangu vakandirumura mhiripiri,
Ma Ghetto youths akuchema hanzi hakuna mabasa ndo problem vamwe vachichema nema ghetto youths hanzi mabasa, iProblem…
Mubhebhi rako muSoul Ja Love wonzi problem yako hauzi chinhu hanzi problem ndeyekuti mabhebhi akuti nyudza ne make up todanana manheru and break up when we make up”

Noble definitely comes through with powerful lyricism in a day and age where hip hop has swayed down the pop route of ‘more about the beat vibe than the message’ and this delivery possesses both elements making us more interested in finding out what the rest of Better Than your Album sounds will like

Have a listen below!


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