5 Bombshell Revelations From Cassper’s Latest Album

From his mother’s battles with suicidal thoughts to his half-a-billion-rand deal with AG Mobile, rapper Cassper Nyovest has made a number of hectic claims on his latest album.

TshisaLIVE gave the album a listen and found a number of striking revelations.

Here are just five:

Risky sexual behavior
“Now I’m used to no love, it’s just meaningless sex like how it was the hold up.

I remember the first time that we f***ked with no glove. I mean that s***t was so risky we didn’t act like grown ups. Even though it was risky I still think we showed trust. We were warm with each other then, we spoke, we spoke us.”

He was embarrassed by his poverty growing up
Speaking about his upbringing on the track Bentley Coupe, Cassper revealed that he used to be embarrassed to bring his friends home as a kid because there was hardly ever any food in the house.

“I was always visiting n*ggas. I never hosted. I was always too embarrassed that we didn’t have enough toast,” Cassper rapped on Bentley Coupe.

He has regrets over “manipulating” Boity
“I started giving the side b*tchs your side of the bed. That sh*t was so disrespectful and I don’t have an excuse. I look at myself in the mirror like,’ Dawg, what happened to you? You told this woman you loved her and then you promised her joy. She needed a man and you acted like a boy. Manipulated her mind. I got you confused. It’s time I admit I wasn’t ready for you,” Cassper rapped about his failed relationship with Boity, on the track I Wasn’t Ready for You.

He’s still bitter towards one of his other exes
On Destiny, Cassper opened up about the troubles of being in a relationship and revealed his anger about an ex “partying with his enemy” and leaving him for a businessman

“Now you out here leaving me for a businessman. How was I supposed to believe that you were genuine? Does he open the door for you, like I do? Do you think he would risk it all, like I do? Do you think that he would wife you?” he rapped.

He scored a half-a-billion-rand deal with AG Mobile
Cassper has never been shy to speak about his riches and the rapper did it again when he casually claimed to have scored half a billion rand from his deal with mobile phone company AG Mobile.

“Pineapple Cîroc when we celebrating. AG Mobile half-a-billion from association,” Cassper rapped on We Living Good.

– additional editing by Sowetan LIVE

Source: Sowetan Live



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