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Zimbabwe’s Sha Sha Just Scored a BET Award Nomination!

Artists who've won in this category include Sjava, Sho Madjozi and Wizkid.

Oh yes, she did!

Zimbabwe’s Sha Sha was today announced as one of six global artists nominated for the BET Viewer’s Choice International Act. Sha Sha has been in the music business for close to half a decade but the world only more recently knew her as the Queen of Amapiano. 

Since then her African fan-base has soared beyond Zimbabwe and South Africa’s borders. To many a Zimbabwean Artist, Sha Sha is a ray of hope that one can make it even if it’s beyond the home base. Regardless, Sha Sha has never been one to shy away from her Zimbabwean roots.

“We are hella ecstatic”, said Sha Sha’s management.

we’re lost for words, this is an opening for Zimbabwean Art and Content to the world!

Artists who’ve won in this category include Sjava, Sho Madjozi and Wizkid.

This is definitely a huge one for Shasha but an even bigger one for young African Artists everywhere, especially in Zimbabwe.

Congratulations to the girl from Makomoyo for scoring the first Zimbabwean BET Nomination. 


How to Vote

  1. Online at bet.com/intlvote20


  2. On Instagram by liking the pic of Sha sha on @BET_INTL

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