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The Advocate Of Love?! The Case of Nyasha David After Listening to “Marry Anne/Mariana”

“The Advocate Of Love”?! The Case of Nyasha David After Listening to “Marry Anne/Mariana”
A strong, inspiring, songwriter and singer nestled into traditional African R&B elements with fantastic songs, Nyasha David is the guy to watch: Picture/JACARANDA CULTURE AND MEDIA CORPORATION

Despite all the admiration and awe he got from RnB/Afropop hordes, I’m late to the Nyasha David party. Do I regret it or not? Yes, but I’ve my reasons and they could be absurd to some of you, evendown.

I was first introduced to “The Advocate Of Love” – as he is tenderly known –  a little while ago. Accurately, it was in February this year when I stumbled to a song he did with Trevor Dongo. As uninitiated as I was then, I gave in to the temptation and listened to the duet. Pardon my oblivion, I do not recall what the song was entitled or was about, but of course it was a love duet I didn’t know I needed. I mean, what do you expect from two pretty-faced dudes who claim that they can steal and treat our gorgeours better than we can possibly do.

After all, isn’t that what like eighty percent of RnB music is about? Steamy girls, hot boys, love and sex? What do I know.

Anyway, the song carried strong elements of what could be conscious-reggae. Inopportunely, I wasn’t much of a stan to its sonic appeal. FYI, that was my issue, not theirs. Irregardless, (now that it is an actual word we can use in 2020), I paid attention to the timbres and vocal ability well enough to the conclusion that Nyasha was a worthwhile flair on the RnB horizon.

Somewhat, Nyasha slipped off my radar for a minute, only to reemerge stalwartly with the release of “Marry Anne/Mariana”.

Apparently, the song is the first single from his upcoming debut album out in 2021. Ironically, this jam came out at the zenith of winter in July, alas it sounded like summer, dripped like the sweat on a soda can and sizzled like a grill.

Upbeat-ish, on this number, the sweet and demure chanteur sings and profiles as a man any mom or dad would love to be dating their daughter. Invoking a piety honesty, Nyasha expresses how deep he is into his woman and more of how such love has penetrated his inner self. In one verse, he compares dating Marry Anne/Mariana to dining with a king.

With a catchy hook, refrain and mid-tempo afrobeat, Nyasha dare listeners not to dance. The melody, cadence and lyrics are just a marriage of good fresh R&B. Producer Gabriel Morgan of (Bekground Studios) cues up a clean, chattering beat with plenty of space for vocal theatrics, and Nyasha makes the most of it.

Strong suited fans of AfroRnB & Pop will want to get their hands on this, and most substantially, I’ve got a newfound respect for the guy’s craftsmanship.

While Nyasha and I might have started off on a wrong foot sonically, Marry Anne/Mariana steers in a new orientation for the shooting up Prince of ballads. After listening to this song I wound up scoring through his catalogue and tell you what, an irrepressible charm seeps from his every track. Whether it’s Toasting (2016), Tiki Taka, Isai Mawoko, Haumbomugona, Newe (Follow Me), Moyo Muti (2018), or 2019’s The Advocate Of Love EP, this crooning lad has quickly emerged as a pop act with a distinct and luscious sound.

Throughout his official releases, one could tell that he’s already showcasing major mainstream capacity while avoiding anything basic or manufactured. A strong, inspiring, songwriter and singer nestled into traditional African R&B elements with fantastic songs, this is the guy to watch.

Housed by the good folks at Jacaranda Culture and Media Corporation (JCMC), Nyasha has since toured, performed and amassed volumes of experience at spaces and stages that include Chengdu Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention China, Chinese President Xi Jing Ping State visit to Zimbabwe, Dreamstar Zimbabwe Nanjing – Beijing Tour (November 2017), Dreamstar Zimbabwe Lanzhou China Tour (July 2018), Unplugged Zimbabwe (December 2018) and in the UK (May 2019).

Watch him intently, he is a breath of fresh air, simply incredible. He will make you feel nostalgia and newness all in one. He is much needed in ZimR&B music and is an example of how diverse the genre has become.

So yes! He is, indeed, “The Advocate Of Love”.

ImChris Charamba

Head Storyteller @ Enthuse Afrika | Progressive Writer | Content Creator | Critic of the Arts and Contemporary Culture | Idealist | Creative | Digital Strategist | Follow him on Twitter @ImChrisCharamba 

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