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Ammara Brown, the Celebrity Syndrome And What’s Being Defended

Ammara Brown, How Loyal Can the Barefoot Goddess Get?
Do celebrities owe us anything or not? Yes!  

Many of us often dream of meeting our favourite celebrities or just meeting a celebrity, period. One tweep recently shared a disappointing experience about meeting the barefoot goddess Ammara Brown.

The conversation started with a Twitter user by the name of Yvonne Maphosa asking her community if they have met a celebrity before and what their reaction was.

The tweet quickly became quite trendy with various tweeps sharing their experience with celebrities.

One particular user, @amawayne, said that they had an experience for which they thought Ammara was not so nice to them.

“Oh that one. Met her at Zim Grounds on that remove Mugabe march. Said “Hi Ammara, good to see you here. May I have a selfie please” and she simply waved me away. Didn’t even say Hi back just an “ibva pano hamba” wave, next moment she was taking pics with slay queens…It hurt,” @amawayne wrote.

But the “Mukoko” hitmaker stepped in to defend herself by explaining that she hadn’t taken pictures with 95% of the fans surrounding her and that she was “not sorry” about it due to the lack of security detail.

Ultimately, the internet was polarised on Ammara’s actions, which therefore leads us to our next question.

Do celebrities owe us anything? 

Depending on who one might ask, the answer is no. Celebrities don’t owe anyone anything, not even a selfie. They are just like us. Some are nice, some are rude, shy, or just plain old awkward. It happens; however, this didn’t stop fans and haters alike to start name-calling.

Forced to explain herself, Ammara even spoke out about having been molested in the past even with ten security guards surrounding her. Being a woman in this society already puts a target on your back, being a celebrity with crowds at every corner can only make things worse.

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For real, her silence would’ve sufficed.

Real talk, being in the entertainment industry means becoming a brand. Explicitly, you are no longer your own person. Being idolized comes with the territory of being a celebrity in this day and age.

Ammara was well within her rights and reasons for refusing to take selfies. Even so, celebrities take pictures with their fans is to show gratitude. Without people like us streaming their music, watching their movies, or buying whatever they’re endorsing, they wouldn’t be where they are.

However, the artist, the celebrity, and the brand are one entity so when you’re being rude to your fan base, society will cancel you real quick.

But not without making fun of you first.

Sometimes, it’s just better to stay out of it.

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