Mid-town to Manhattan, about Sun El Musician's Potential Collaboration with Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys
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Mid-town to Manhattan, about Sun El Musician’s Potential Collaboration with Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys

"I always tell people that you have to be born in Africa to make African music" - Swizz Beatz

You might have not know Sun El Musician real name is Sanele Sithole from the small town of Mooi River in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa until he dropped the hit ‘Akanamali’ featuring vocalist Samthing Soweto last year, BUT the young Producer/ DJ has been at this Music-thing since making beats on trial versions of Fruity Loops was still a thing! Since then it’s been hard to not take notice of  the distinguishes elements of Sun El Musician’s Productions, Remixes or features.

Whether you had money or not last December, I could almost guarantee you shook a body part or two to the break out single ‘Akanamali’ from his up-coming EP titled ‘Africa To the World’ – a title he has clearly taken literally! Perhaps explaining why he just posted a selfie with American Hip-Hop Producer of legendary proportions, Swizz Beatz and his wife R&B Artist Alicia Keys whilst in a studio with them in Manhattan, New York.

The caption read…

It still feels a bit unreal, but it happened! In studio with @aliciakeys@therealswizzz 🙏🏾🇿🇦 🌍 #africatotheworld

The Artist who took a mini break from DJ around  the African continent, releasing a new single with Mlindo the Vocalist titled ‘Bamthathile’, to be in the Big Apple this past week and heck at least we now know why! Well, at least we have some type of idea! Could he be collaborating with Mr and Mrs Swizz for one of the singles of his EP?

Heaven only knows!
What we do know is it’s good to see Swizz walk the talk.

Just last month Producer Swizz Beatz spent several days in South Africa where in addition to performing at the Bacardi Holiday Club in Johannesburg, he also attended Da Les’ all-white pool party. There he interacted with Cassper Nyovest, AKA and agreed to produce Rapper, The Reason’s upcoming single.

Best friends with Africa’s biggest DJ, Black Coffee, Swizz Beats has been on the record stating just how deep he want’s to place his faith and roots in African music.
According to an interview with City Press he said

“I always tell people that you have to be born in Africa to make African music, I say that because people draw a lot of their inspiration from this place…it’s the future”
















At a boy Swizz!  We’re #ENTHUSE-d at the idea of more high profile Artists of colour from overseas putting our people on! If that’s not ubuntu, we don’t know what it is!

Sun-El Musician’s debut album, ‘Africa To The World’, on March 28th, his 30th birthday.


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