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Jah Prayzah, Take A Seat & Let Tahle Have Her Own


It’s all good and nice to be that pull factor in a song or a video to drive or hype it. Don Jazzy did it successfully with his proteges at Marvin Records appearing Tiwa Savage‘s Eminado and the collective effort Dorobucci. Those songs were strategically positioned to shake the whole of Africa and Jazzy’s influence paid off. He even did well in his contributions. However, let’s bring the same case home to a brand most of Zimbabweans are now fond of. Jah Prayzah! His meteoric rise cannot be disputed and his influence on the Zimbabwean is arguably the biggest at the current. In an effort to establish himself as a music mogul he established a record label which signed a few known names and others who were relatively known including the topic of today’s bone chewing, Tahle We Dzinza.

Introduced to us in Military Touch Movement’s  collective offering Chekeche, her vocals blew us away and we were certainly looking forward to hearing her own solo offerings. There have been a few singles she released which failed to garner any major interest which is very surprising considering the clout her label and label-mates have. You may have reached a conclusion that we just want to bash the main man Mukudzei, but let’s take you back just a little bit.    

In May of 2017, which is last year for those who are still stuck in the past, MTM posted this particular picture (see above) of Jah Prayzah and Tahle announcing that they were working on a video. This video never saw the light of day until now. You might have been making noise about Ammara Brown’s  Akiliz video not coming out but you certainly missed this out. It might have been a strategy, but let’s talk about the video itself. The song is aptly titled Give Me More and it features Tahle and Jah as lovers, which is quite a commendable concept – lazy but commendable. Except for the fact that Jah Prayzah literally eclipsed Tahle in the video which was supposed to push the latter’s brand. It does not help that Jah Prayzah failed to really live up to his form which has been why people love him. Tahle cleared shattered Jah Prayzah when it came to vocal prowess possessing the soul of the song but still something was still amiss. Let’s be honest, Jah Prayzah’s wardrobe and styling was it’s usual …swanky while Tahle’s could have been much better by MTM Standards. 

Just a side note; can we say that Jah Prayzah was a little to close to the 20-something Tahle though?! Lol! We do not know what the strategy MTM is pushing but we strngly believe Tahle was supposed to be on this song on her own.

The crafting of the video itself could have been owned by her and an actor not the towering figure of her label boss who clearly wants to make sure that he squeezes any mileage he can get. Another interesting thing is that MTM has a talented videographer in their ranks, Blaqs, but there seems to be this habit of giving Nic Roux business and not utilising local talent. A very concerning behaviour indeed. Here is Tahle’s offering, tell us what you think about it.


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