Daniel Lasker Is Ushering A New Age in Zimbabwean Film


Raw talent. That phrase in itself excites us to a point of random screams and people dragging each other to monitors in the office. Our Editor, Stephanie Kapfunde, received a link to a short film which was a shot and directed by this young maverick from Bulawayo, Daniel Lasker, and she made us all sit down and watch it.

I must say, I don’t usually get goosebumps when anyone mentions Zimbabwean Film because most of the time its a good story with bad casting or a bad story with good cinematography and the list goes on. It rarely excites me but 18-year-old Daniel Lasker’s work caught my eye. After rummaging through his Youtube channel and finding a depiction of The Joker he did, I reached a verdict. There is a bright future that needs to be invested in here ladies and gentleman.

After watching The Walk, we all knew that Zimbabwean had struck gold in terms of raw film talent. A passionate individual who puts in work as a character, behind the camera as well as in directing. Therefore it was no surprise that I had heart palpitations the moment he started sharing images of a ‘Hollywood standard’ film that he has been working on in the City of Bulawayo.

His latest project, The Telling Room, features a lot of ‘heavyweights’ in the current film and television film including Stephen Chigorimbo of the Baba Huni fame and Eddie Sandifolo whose role in Escape was nothing short of mouth-watering in as much as it wasn’t major. Daniel maintains his heavy role in production also playing the lead character in a display one of his multi-talents that surely inspire. From the pictures Daniel has been sharing, this movie will definitely be out of this world. It will knock the socks off the guardians of the ‘film industry’ who have not seen much movement in the sector since they took control of it.

The shooting of The Telling Room ended on the 22nd of December and in as much as we don’t want to rush the team in post-production, we just cannot wait to peep this promise of eye candy.


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