Thank You Tamy, It was Worth The Wait!


Its been a LONG year for the Zimbabwean music industry. From petty scandals, unreleased music videos graveyard marathons to new national anthems! There has been one particular visual everyone was concerned about. This hit track dropped in late 2016 and there was word on the street earlier this year that a video was being cooked but nothing materialised. In a shocker move Tamy, Takura and Dobba Don dropped their video to Beautiful Ndozvandiri, a hit which rocked the airwaves and shook the charts up to until the middle of this year.

We know the kind of mediocrity some of you are now used to when it comes to local music videos. The green screen and one video vixen who seems uninterested in whats going on. This is not the case for this masterpiece of African expression which has been given to us

Directed by Andy Sobhuza aka Andy Cutta, the music video embodies the theme of the song. Being comfortable with who you are. The wardrobe which consisted of African wear which encompassed a lot of Zimbabwean cultures is the main attraction in the video. Our favourite pick being Takura’s costume which made him look like the African version of Mortal Kombat character Raiden!

Dobba Don looked sharp for someone who has been on the down-low ever since the spiraling down of YGE  which he was signed to. His verse was very powerful on the track but his delivery in the video seemed half-hearted. Maybe that’s the style!

This is the best way for Tamy to cap of a productive year with hits that carried scorching visuals which include Ndyeke and Usacheme featuring Tongai Chirisa. We see a bright future ahead of her, the path is now clear.


Check the video below!


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