#BreakTheSilence : Ntsiki Mazwai Speaks Out On Rape

"I was also raped by Brickz"

South African artist Ntsiki Mazwai shook the inter-webs this morning with an unexpected statement…that South African Kwaito star Sipho Charles Ndlovu, popularly known as Brickz who was earlier this year found guilty of raping his then 17-year-old niece had raped her too.


Naturally, the tweet has attracted mixed emotions with most commending her for her courage and honesty.


Sadly most tweets were not so cordial, referring to Ntsiki as a liar and attention seeker…


As expected the standard Rape Culture norm followed suit. Not a peep about Brickz but a hullabaloo over the victim.

“Society is the ONLY reason women don’t report rape” – Ntsiki Mazwai


We think this despite the shaming and hate this tweet took a lot of courage and will empower other people to come out and be honest about past violations ending the vicious cycle associated with Rape and its perpetrators.

I see all these men coming to my tl trying to make me feel like a dirty liar….it’s so deep – Ntsiki Mazwai




Love and light to Ntsiki and all of the victims of Rape that have and are still to find their voices. You can follow the much-needed conversation on Twitter through the #breakthesilence hashtag.


Stephanie is the Founder of Zimbabwean New Media start-up Enthuse Afrika & the Editor of their biggest project so far #ENTHUSE.

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