Carl Joshua Ncube

Carl Joshua Ncube Announces Candidacy

"Help create an actual Comedy Economy in Zimbabwe...not the kind where ECONOMISTS are making COMEDY out Zimbabwe" - CJN (FACEBOOK)

Zimbabwe’s Biggest and arguably most travelled Comedian‘s Pop Up Comedy Club kicks off as soon as he arrives into the motherland with daily activities in the capital as well as the resort town of Victoria Falls for 5 nights from 27 September to 1 October. He announced this on his Facebook Profile in what he titled ‘Carl Joshua Ncube Manifesto for Minister of Comedy’.

Although we couldn’t quite tell whether Carl was announcing his candidacy for vote or proclaiming himself as the Minister of this very funny business of Comedy; we picked out some awesome highlights and some really good reasons to support the Pop-Up Comedy Club from Monday to Saturday this September.

From 11 September to 11 October Carl Joshua Ncube’s POP UP COMEDY club launches in Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. We caught up with the Honourable Minister as he explained.

“A pop up comedy club is a simulation over a period of time of what having comedy clubs looks like in Zimbabwe. As you know Africa only has 5 dedicated comedy clubs and all 5 are in South Africa. This is the reason the South African comedy circuit is growing and continues to nurture more talent and attract international stand up comedy shows is that comedians are attracted to COMEDY CLUBS because it is like a GYM for comedians. Comics get to try out material and grow their comedy and fanbase in a more intimate setting.”

In this case the Carl Joshua Ncube POP UP Comedy club will run with themed nights in 3 clubs across Zimbabwe in Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls.


Unlike musical Open Mics that are more often than less, like watching a live edition of Idol’s Wooden Mic, these performers actually WANT you to laugh at them. Every Monday this month Carl unearths and grooms some unknown comedic talent for a FREE night of comedy.

These nights are hilarious for two reasons, you’ll either get comedians that kill (which is comedian for DOING well) or you get those that DIE (which is comedian for MAY THE GROUND SWALLOW ME) both of these are good for the industry as the fear of DYING keeps comedians grounded and keeps them working hard on their material.







The Pop-Up Comedy Club plus a Comedian MC will offer some much needed comic relief during some ridiculous challenges and drinking games in a bar providing a fun-ny night at the cost of two drinks

3: New Material & Kara[j]oke

Because established comedians need a place to test out material and comedians aren’t just blurting out things from their heads. New Material Night helps Comedians to test out their new rib-crackers or epic fails. Most material is written and practised like a musician would practise a song that is written every Tuesday. Speaking of singing… Carl Joshua Ncube introduces a brand new show with a difference called Karaoke Wars on Wednesdays. Contestants battle it out in various karaoke challenges in order to win prizes on the night. This is the ultimate game show for team building or groups as it combines three amazing things GAMES, KARA(J)OKE and COMEDY all on one night.

4: Talk Show Saturdays & Taboo Sundays

Carl’s SATURDAY NIGHTS feature a brand new television show that will show Carl discuss some issues happening during the week on the internet. A couple of videos are shown, a celebrity is put on the spot, some games with the audience an appearance by one of the stand-up comedians and a DJ to make everyone party the night away. All you have to do is enter the competition and win a ticket to enjoy this one. Although Sundays are often ‘holy days’ for some, this event comes with a twist.
Comedians are never given the opportunity to cross the line, focusing on taboo topics, adult content to an audience that is not easily offended with some explicit Adult Comedy.

“There is  only one catch,” said Carl.
“If the audience don’t like you then it definitely isn’t because of the material.”


Honourable Ncube as we will call him from now on, expressed his hopes that the audience would be able to demonstrate an appetite for comedy by actually coming out to the shows. 


“If people don’t show up it only proves Zimbabwe is not ready for a comedy club or regular comedy.”



You can LIKE the Facebook page ‘Carl’s Pop Up Comedy Club’ and check out more details about the schedule and support opportunities.


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