Will Simuka Comedy's Return Bring a New Order to the Zim Comedy Circuit?
Doc Vikela at the National Arts Merit Awards 2017 (Wally Mashatise)

Will Simuka Comedy’s Return Bring a New Order to the Zim Comedy Circuit?

Is Simuka Comedy Open for Business?

Simuka Comedy are the makings of Comedy Legend, true pioneers of Zimbabwean Comedy in their own right; Doc Vikela and Simba ‘the Comic King’ Kakora started the movement in 2011. Arguably pacesetters of Zimbabwean Comedy they took quiet the hiatus when the Harare-based beloved home of art ‘Book Cafe‘ shut its doors back in 2015. A lot has happened since then.

Ambitious Comedy Projects of record breaking proportions from likes of Carl Joshua Ncube, the adaptation of online media and prominence of skit comedy from the likes of Prosper the Comic Pastor, Madam Boss, PO Box and the ever trending Bustop TV, the rise of new fresh faces like King Kandoro, Louis the Prince, Kadem, Tatenda Mbudzi and Tinaye to mention a handful.

Speaking to Doc Vikela we had a tonne of questions including what Simuka had to bring to the table and what had prompted their return.

Stephanie Kapfunde: Let’s discuss the hiatus, what went wrong with Simuka Comedy, where have you been  and what do you hope to achieve?


Doc Vikela:

“We started Simuka without any experience or skills and now that we have learnt from our mistakes we want to run a proper Comedy Circuit…we want to grow the brand of stand up through effective administration and professional management of Simuka…Comedy is something you should be able to live off”

SK: Do you think Simuka can offer the local Comedy scene cohesion?


“A Comedy circuit is collective effort…we want to bring together Carl’s new comedy club, Umahlekisa, Uzunzu, Simuka etc…by running these comedy nights we all contribute to the growth of circuit”

SK: What did you put into consideration when you settled for  Alliance Francaise as your new home?


“Since Book Cafe closed we were looking for a permanent home and it’s been a long time coming…we’ve teamed up with Alliance France to make it happen. We’ve found it to not just be a relevant place but also a strategic space in regards to patronage and accessibility.”

 SK: Even though Simuka hasn’t been around, you have been keeping quite busy looking back at then and looking at it now what’s your take on the state of Zimbabwe’s Comedy scene.


“Its growing….its now taking the trajectory it was supposed to have taken…The urge to grow it into an industry is taking over all comics”



Simuka Comedy Night makes it’s big return this and every last Thursday of the month at Alliance Francaise featuring Prosper the Comic Pastor, Doc Vikela, Tinaye and Kadem. Tickets are $10 bucks at the door and $7 bucks in advance.

“Like the President says jokes, jokes, jokes, jokes, jokes…Simuka Comedy is open for business”- Doc  Vikela




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