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Here are more Timeless #UnderratedZim Music to Spruce up your Dusty AF Playlist

Here's more Timeless #UnderratedZim Music to Spruce up your Dusty AF Playlist
You're welcome! If you like the underrated Zimbabwean music often buried under overrated pop-music, this is for you.

Beautiful by Tamy Moyo

This self-love anthem is all about embracing yourself as a whole. Accepting the beautiful, the ugly, and the unknown within. While you are having some me-time, take some to listen to this song.

Mitch Uta- Cold

If you’re willing to go on the road less travelled and let go of all the people that don’t serve a purpose in your life. “Cold “ by Mitch Uta feat Lloyd Soul would be the best song to listen to. The song takes on the journey of a man paving his own way for success. Taking us on the highs and lows of everyday life.


King Avry-Toast

When the going gets tough and you just want to take a break and get your “cool” on listening to “Toast” by Avry feat Faa. An R&B song that will help you practice gratitude on a greater level.

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