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Madam Boss Breaks into Nollywood Movie Scene

Madam Boss in Nollywood Movie
Madam Boss is within Nollywood

If you’re Zimbabwean, you’ve definitely come across Madam Boss’s skits. Whether watching over the shoulder of a fellow passenger in a Zupco or listening to your mum howl over them when a random clip is deposited in the family group. Madam Boss has certainly made it her life’s work to be in front of the masses. Tyra as her husband would call her; seems to be doing a damn good job at monetizing her content if her flamboyant brand ambassadorship is any proof. Note to self, influencer work does pay in the miz kids, just talk to more than just you and your friends.

I digress.

In the race against her arch-nemesis, Mai Titi to get opportune access to the massive Naija market, Madamboss seems to have won. In a post on her Instagram, she shared a trailer that featured her and about a hundred storylines in true Nollywood style. Never mind, I’m just happy our girl is within and we say; congratulations!

What’s better than being within?

Being true to self, I’ll say. Obviously, the series isn’t out yet but from the little snips we saw; we’re grateful Tyra still sounds and speaks like herself in the family series. In the trailer she speaks in Shona for the most part; typo-filled subtitles included. Whether this makes for good entertainment is probably a debate for another day. I may not be the target market but the US$590 million dollars grossing Nollywood industry won’t miss me, and that’s okay.
Congrats to Madam Boss and also all her ambitions of making it to the next level in Nollywood and Hollywood. We’ve grabbed the popcorn and are on standby. You can watch the trailer for The Offsprings below.


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