I Hate Valentines
Photo by Leodgario Pescador

I Hate Valentines

By Simbarashe Mashambanaka As The Drtyreblyk

I hate Valentines, because of what it means to me
About being one out and what’s not meant to be
Haunting evidence of what I’ve to commemorate
It’s not what it is so there’s nothing to celebrate
Or the more I try to understand the mirror reflections
Yet the more I’m thrown off the path’s projection
Whether last year, this one or the next. All the same
The hardest part? There’s no one to blame

The fear of Valentines with these spooks and ghosts
Their lies of being real leave me lost and counting the cost
Phantoms dancing into the shadows and disappear
As my heart cracks away and slowly tears
So Valentines is like Halloween of broken dreams
Corrupted fantasies singing in banshee screams
To pick up pieces of within through what I’ve seen and been
Fuck the fourteen. Wish to sleep on the thirteen and wake up on the fifteen

All the effort that goes into this day
Gets so sickening that I look away
While others boost sales for a profit
I just get sick. Have a fever. Want to vomit
Maybe have Halloween on fourteen February
So impossible is my life with the absence of a sanctuary
Spectral witnesses to observe what I stock
Only comfort in the name of a group from rock

So I hate Valentines. With a passion and no regrets
Loathe it with enough honesty and it’s not a secret
No matter how I stand. I stand alone
Just before dreams become a reality. They’re gone
From being young and bold. Wise and with gold
To be brittle and old till I’m bitter and cold
Crossing years like I’m crossing lines
Give me Halloween. I Hate Valentines


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