Meet the 2 Zim Filmmakers Who Beat the Odds as #MultichoiceTalentFactory Finalists
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Some Sage Advice for MultiChoice Talent Factory Hopefuls from Barry Lwando

If you hadn’t heard, the MultiChoice Talent Factory is a call to participate in a continent-wide learning experiment by MultiChoice Africa.  Self-titled as Africa’s best storytellers, MultiChoice created the platform last year to teach and develop talent. There are three academies set to stimulate technical expertise in Africa; namely Lagos, Nigeria, Nairobi, Kenya and Lusaka, Zambia. The first set of students at all three campuses are presently half-way through the first year of operation;   studying all aspects of production, script-writing, Art direction and necessary understandings of the movie business.

The MultiChoice Talent Factory is searching for 60 aspiring Film/TV creatives from across the continent to be part of the Class of 2019. We spoke to the director of the Lusaka academy Barry Lwando; a well-known Zambian film-maker and the director of the Lusaka MTF Campus.

Barry gave us a few hints just for you, especially if you have ambitions of joining the Class of 2019.

Q: What makes a great storyteller?

Barry Lwando:

The essentials of a great storyteller are; passion, desire, determination and the uncanny ability not to give up. Through these one sees opportunity in events and activities unfolding around them in the home, in the market at a bus stop  and just about anywhere. From these, they weave stories that the world can see and appreciate.



Q: What one piece of advice would you give to an MTF hopeful?

Barry Lwando:

Tell your story! Work toward getting your dream fulfilled, don’t ever be discouraged and give up, Dare to believe and take whatever is at your disposal to move closer to your dream.

If you’d like to use the MultiChoice Talent Factory to horn your skills, you have a couple of days to apply online RIGHT HERE. 


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