Vera gets her Sexy-on in #Hooked

Zimbabwean Soul Indie Artist Vera just released her first visuals ever, to her single with Renailo titled ‘Hooked‘. The sultry single was released earlier this year and had its visuals directed by producer  Mr Rebel and Choreographer Tendai Guzha.

Vera gets a tad bit sexy in the video and gets to feel up local mixmaster DJ Smith in what’s a three and a half daydream about her friend’s boyfriend.

Can anyone unsay #FriendshipGoals?

Lyrically Vera paints a picture most girls and guys can relate to; the allure of a bad boy.
The lighting gives off the sensuality of Vera’s soulful vocal execution. Mid-song Renailo shook me out my reverie with some 90s Salt N Peppa-risque rap and funky-ass bellbottoms. Her delivery took a few seconds to adjust to. Just as I began bopping my head, Renailo made her exit and Vera’s velvet yet featherlight vocals made their return.

Hooked may not be a high budget cinematic masterpiece but, it does offer a fun and relatable storyline which often lacks in a myriad of locally produced videos. It’s not too difficult to appreciate the effort placed by the team to tell a story within their means.

I guess that’s what gets you hooked!

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