Dear Death
Image: Jason Leem-Dear Death
Birth Write

Dear Death

YOU taught me that I am just an extra in this game that you play

You should have given me a heads up…

I think you are a self-centered

Son of a b@#$… you take, take and take

When are you ever going to give?

You became friends with time.


Playing twisted games on people

who think they have tomorrow, yet you know that

That  Tomorrow is NOT promised.

How dare you be so self-centered?

At your core only hurt, pain and grief lie…

You are heartless and cruel I will not lie.


Dear Death…

It’s easier to accept or handle you when you are next door…. …

It’s easier to understand when you visit other people.

Never loved or cared for you

but you grabbed me and threw me to the ground,

pinned me onto the cold concrete floor and you forced your way in…


With you came… Hurt and your little brother grief

Left me bruised and torn…

I feel empty and lost..

Yes, I will heal.. but the scars still remain…

I will always remember …..

Remember the day …

YOU taught me that I am just an extra in this game that you play…

This game where you determine the rules and they are not fixed…




Dear Death… Now that you forced your way in…you’ve become my best frenemy…


Birth Write

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