What I Think About The Redefined Mellennial Fame
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What I Think About The “Redefined Mellennial Fame!”

Let's talk about how as youth we can make our nation better! Let's talk about the reasons why they're so many cases of rape, assault, and depression...

I’m no genie in a bottle or a fortune teller but honestly speaking what really constitutes a person’s value? Because of the whole looking down upon people basing on their background, it is not only disgusting but worrying. We say it jokingly that money talks, but in its truest sense, the world is slowly adapting that mentality. You see people obscene posts, and it gets you thinking what really does this person draw value from. Okay! So what exactly is the value? Simply it is the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

It is such a great concern. At least for me. How can one solely be judged on material things that can easily disappear in the blink of an eye? Does it go back to how we were raised, or we are just an ignorant Generation? Built on the premises of what do you have to offer in terms of money, gadgets, possessions and all that jazz that supposedly determine how one is respected. Let’s grow up, there are more issues we should rather discuss and converse on.

Let’s talk about how as youth we can make our nation better. Let’s talk about the reasons why they’re so many cases of rape, assault, and depression. Let’s talk about our role to place our nation on the map, for the right reasons of course! Let’s talk about how we can put together our creative minds, collaborate, groom each other and make a change… 

What about that as your point of focus, when you draft that Tweet; when conversing as friends and lobbying to the government. Give meaning to everything you see…

I’m not here to point out the negatives, but just calling them out and give a suggestion of course! I went for #FashionFutures event, it was so empowering. There are so many people working towards the greater good. But what is missing is you, yes you the person reading this post. It doesn’t matter what you have, your background or you are not popular on social media platforms. Your views, opinions, and ideas matter. We are damn talented as a nation, the missing piece to the puzzle is ONENESS.

“We are very, very small, but we are profoundly capable of very, very big things.” Stephen Hawking

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