The Entry: I Bleed...
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The Entry: I Bleed…

The burden that life gifted me and tattooed, for people to extend their spite

I bleed,

A subliminal feeling, burying me in the depths of sorrow

Crying out for help, but all it is noise

They tell me to say what I feel but that’s all there is

Why don’t you ever open up…? When I do I get crucified for it

You are not ambitious, You are careless, You are no good

Me opening up becomes their weapon to further shoot me down

The bad lingers as the good slowly become reference of what I could be

A good deed is accompanied by a but…

Only if you did it like this or this way, it could have been better

Wait! What about what I want?

All I am, a portrait of people’s ambitions and opinions

Molded in what they think is good for me

Do you even know me? A shadow of what you purport me to be.


I bleed,

Because no one understands my story

Hold up… Understanding means they know at least something

Have a tiny glimpse, but I don’t think they even know me

Okay, here is my story… I lost my father at a tender age

But I ask myself how can you lose what you never knew

The void that He left, left more questions than answers

What if He was here then it could not have been like this…

But a tiny voice breathe into my ear,

Child, how can you view the world on what you know not

Never will I know the feeling of having a father,

So I search for it in other people’s son

But, what exactly am I looking for? I really don’t know

Because the depths of my memories don’t have anyone to compare to


The poem was written by In_Her_Thoughts Blogspot. To read the rest of the poem click here.

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