So...KZN is Totally Hosting a Cannabis Conference!
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So…KZN is Totally Hosting a Cannabis Convention!

Aaaah the Herb, Mary Jane, Weed, 420, Marijuana and Cannabis!

Chances are if you haven’t partaken of the illegal or medicinal use of Cannabis you’re probably sitting next to someone who has.

First of all, it’s the most used drug on the planet!

According to a white paper by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime: Africa was reported to have the highest levels of cannabis production in the world in 2005. In the same year, South Africa was in the lead for Cannabis seizures; second only to North America.

Maybe this could explain the growing South African culture of celebrating the herb medicinally or otherwise.

But, before you this Cannabis exhibition is a space cake tasting session; the Cannabis Convention KwaZulu – Natal (CannaCon KZN) this May wants to bring together the movers and shakers of Cannabis in South Africa and beyond.

The conference will showcase products, industry-related activities exhibition style. The organizers Krithi Thaver, David Gruler, Anthony Molgora and Matt Bower just want to showcase the blooming potential of the Cannabis industry. (pun intended)

“An event such as this is way overdue in KZN and we need to highlight Cannabis in a positive way as opposed to the negative stigma as it has had in the past”, said Exhibition Director Krithi Thaver.

Although CannaCon doesn’t get the title of being Africa’s first Cannabis related exhibition; they come hot at the heels of the Cannabis Expo that made headlines last year.

This is a very interesting time to be a stoner or in the business of it. The World Health Organization is even considering recategorizing Cannabis!  Instead of labelling it under Narcotic Drugs the charter leaning into the Medicinal usefulness of the drug.

Last year a Constitutional Court ruling in South Africa made it LEGAL to get baked on your property.

In countries like the USA, the Cannabis State aka California raked in US$345.2 million in tax revenue from the first year of regulated sales in 2018 alone.

Could our continent be the next on the gravy train?!

Only time will tell.


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