The Entry: Loosing grip
Image: Kevar Whilby
Birth Write

The Entry: Loosing grip

I feel as though I am forcing myself on you.

Slowly I detach from you.
In all honesty, it’s you detaching yourself from me
I feel as though I am forcing myself on you.

But guess it’s time I let go…
Let go of you and all that you are to me…
My life, my love, My All.
you are my happiness in the midst of my chaotic life,
You are my ray of hope and sunshine in this dark world
My sanity… When my mind goes from Zero to 100 in 2 sec

But I want to keep all I’ve learned from you…
Its time I forget about the way you touch my waist and breath on my neck

I forget how we could go for hours talking about absolutely nothing
and still, find ourselves wanting to talk some more
Forget about how you say I love you with your actions,
Which makes me love myself even more

Forget how you taught me to be my own boss
You held my hand long enough
I guess now it’s time I let go

Slowly I detach from you…
I guess it’s time … time to take off the training wheels.

Slowly I detach from you

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