#RapidReview: Jafaris is the Zimbabwean Rapper taking Irish Hip-Hop to the Next Level!

#RapidReview: Jafaris is the Zimbabwean Rapper taking Irish Hip-Hop to the Next Level!

In all honesty, I had never ever heard of a Jafaris but, scrolling down my twitter timeline I bumped into his work unexpectedly. I ended up listening to his new project and my oh my did it not just change everything! I am now probably his biggest fan out here now! Jafaris is a young Zimbabwean born Rapper based in Ireland who is getting impossible to ignore and he just dropped a bomb album Titled ‘Strides which has been featured on global music sites like FADER and NME.

Jafaris who’s real name is Percy Chamburukahe dropped his debut album STRIDES on Friday and it’s a chilled Hip Hop dish of expressive lyrics. Like most rappers, Jafaris talks about his come-up, he makes reference to a tough past and shares his gratitude for the present.

My personal favourite on the jam-packed album is SHANDUKA, for obvious reasons ( it’s in vernacular) where he talks about switching up. Jafaris puts some Shona lyrics on the hook. I wouldn’t leave out FAMILY which seems like an interlude; there he chops and screws a  native song. Clearly, he definitely has not lost his roots. Speaking of roots to the motherland, if you love Afro beats do peep track number 3 and thank me later!

Referred to as a youngen with Irish Rap on his shoulders, Zimbabwean-born Jafaris is definitely a prospect to keep our eyes on.

His music is available on the iTunes store here.

PS: Did I mention Jafaris has some dope-ass visuals, also thank me later.


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