The Entry: Love and Protect me
Image: Clarke Sanders

The Entry: Love and Protect Me

Emotionally numb because it's safer than to feel and bring back memories

Stripped of my innocence.
Allow me to blossom.
Allow me to mature.
Am I not your child too?
Allow me to be a child for it is my right.

Every day I wake up with a smile on my face
Within me is a child who died the first time you raped me
Whose grave gets deeper every time you violate me
The smell of your sweat, breath, texture of your skin and hands haunts me everywhere I go.

Emotionally numb because it’s safer than to feel and bring back memories
How do I tell the world that my MOTHER/ FATHER/ BROTHER/ SISTER/ AUNT/ UNCLE raped me?
How do I tell anyone that …that the innocence that once was is no more?
I lock myself up and shut myself out from the world for fear of people noticing that I’ve been

It was my fault that you looked at me the way you did,
That you ran your hands through my thighs and threw me to the bed
How do I explain that I was screaming on top of my voice but still no one heard…
Tears falling down my cheeks, yet, you kept humping on me like a rabbit
Lost myself that day… I died at that very moment.

Love me like I was your own
Why do you rape me?
I am your child
Don’t violate me
Love and protect me


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