At The End Of The Barrel: Declutter My Soul
Image: Tiko Giordadze
Birth Write

At The End Of The Barrel: Declutter My Soul

Breath in... now breath out... Clutter be gone.

Names, pictures, memories… My 1st heartbreak… I
turned on the radio and all the DJs seemed to have gotten
the memo.

Declutter my soul from all the pain you caused me… I put
all the blame on you because it was easier. That had
always been my way out. 60/40 would be more accurate
with 60% being mine.

I gave you the ammunition to hurt me. I’m not just talking
about trusting you with my heart but I’m talking about
how I forgot that you too are human, and you make
mistakes. But instead I…I chose to give you
the responsibility of fixing me up and carrying my weight.
On top of your own…

Declutter my soul from the pictures and memories of my
childhood … screams from her bedroom as she was
defencelessly overpowered by the man she loved … the
one she promised to love till death do them part…
Hahaha, he was the undertaker.

Declutter my soul from failed friendships and relationships
… Clung onto them for SOOOOOOOOOO long now you
have a big void in your heart and scars of holding on in the
palm of your hands … Honey, you can’t fix
everything and everyone… LET GO…

Declutter my soul from the drugs and liquids I took just to
numb the pain of all that I was OR thought I was going
through…a jog, road trip or even sleep can do you
much good…

Declutter my soul from… from the guilt of words that
were exchanged in anger, promises broken, secrets that
where not yours to share that you so freely spilled…
tell her guilt to be gone …and learn from your mistake…
Declutter my soul from all negativity both self-inflicted and
caused by others.

There is a huge difference between being defined by your
past and having been shaped by your past.
Being shaped makes you who you are today, and you are
not what you were back then(defined)

Breath in… now breath out… Clutter be gone.

Birth Write

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