What Nobody Talks About #Rape, Breaking The Silence Of The Night
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The Entry: What Nobody Talks About #Rape, Breaking The Silence Of The Night

Why auction woman with these nocturnal beasts to bid?

It’s really appalling that the women of today cannot stand and support each other. Their focus shifted from what matters most to what’s trending. It’s sad to see that we are slowly losing our humanity, prioritizing fame over empathy for our neighbor. It’s all about how many likes and views you have instead of how many people you have helped by fighting for a worthy cause.

The general thinking is “because it didn’t happen to me why should I care” but we never stop to think that it could have easily been you or me had we been there when the incident occurred. Rape is real and it is happening, yet we remain cold as the night. Leaving our sisters, brothers, mothers, and friends vulnerable and at the mercy of the perpetrators.

Oh, darkest night! Why have you forsaken us?

Atrocities, screams of torture and agony fill the air

But here you are always quiet in your comfort

Your voice dimming while demons are thronging

A lull of a restless night, a monotone of silence


The humming, footsteps! Another long light it is

Aching grows deep in the night

Fat in the night, desires reigned

Through senses are dull, desire awaken

Struggle dawned, now at the mercy of nocturnal beasts


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