A Slave Of / To Procrastination? Here Are Tips To Overcome It !
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A Slave Of / To Procrastination? Here Are Tips To Overcome It !

"What don't you just beat it at its own game."

We often make our life choices based on value, time/ impulsivity, and expectancy. Somehow if a plan doesn’t fall into the favorable categories, we tend to switch off the sense of emergency to complete the task. Have you ever noticed that there are certain tasks that you leave on your to-do list for a few hours or weeks?  Ever wondered what could be the reason?  Then, this week’s entry speaks to you. Take a deep breath, clear your mind and pay attention. In big capital letters, it is PROCRASTINATION.

In the words of David Ballard, head of the Psychological Associations Centre for Organisational Excellence, “Procrastination it is not just avoiding or delaying of a task. It also has to include an aspect that is counter-productive, irrational or unnecessary.” The way I see it, there are two paths in any given scenario, that is taking on a task and endure pain at the moment. Or the other long difficult path of delaying or postponing swaying from the bigger purpose. In delaying there is no thinking ahead for the greater purpose. You are just waiting for things for fall in place whilst you are postponing, delaying and avoiding which is the number one hindrance to success.

As human beings, it is our instinct to avoid pain or hard work. This is one of the reasons why people procrastinate. A researcher, Alexander Rozental explained procrastination foundation on the basis of the tasks’ value, expectancy (in terms of the outcome) and time or impulsivity. We tend to do tasks according to importance if it is least important that is when we find ourselves skipping or avoiding the task. Moreso, a notable number of people seek pleasure in what they do, to feed their biological and psychological need. The pleasure, therefore, becomes the driving force guiding their choices.

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