Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue; Gimme that 80s love!!

An old school jam for some new school love.

Love’s corny and the African King’s music video for his pre-Valentine’s single, Mai Vevana, doesn’t fall short of this feature. Now I’m not saying this in a bad way because I’ve been in love and I know how it gives you butterflies and makes you feel some type of way. My first reaction to the animations in the video was, “ah Bryan, but why”. But the more I felt the synth undertones hit the depths of my soul, I realized this was just the right approach to the visuals.

There’s a lot embedded in this song right?

The old school vibe it brings with organs and synth bass gives those old school tingles. Doesn’t it just make you want to fall in love again? Musically though, I felt the background vocals were a bit on the high end of the volume bar. I know sound engineers and artists have preferences but well, this is my opinion too. I do have to say though that Bryan K needs to put out a disclaimer stating he’s not paying maintenance for babies conceived during listening ‘sessions’ to his old school jam!

That’s just how smooth this track is.

Let’s talk about the setting. Mazowe Dam is so beautiful and honestly, I couldn’t have picked a better location for a lovey-dovey piece like this. The views are breathtaking and Creative Mike Films did pretty well in getting some stunning shots of both the place and the duo starring in this video. A lot of shots were used but they’re well-balanced and keep you entertained throughout. As for the leading man’s antics, they’re plenty enough to give you and your friends a chuckle.

All in all, it’s a beautiful single that I believe will transcend time and I’ll definitely be playing this tune for some time.


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