#RapidReview: Takura Makes Some Mbira Trap #Noise!

The multiple award winning hip hop DON Takura has dropped his first project of 2019 and just shook the game... its really way too early man!

The Zimbabwean multi-award-winning Hip Hop DON Takura has dropped his first project for 2019 and nothing could be as prophetic as the lyrics in Noise.

Takura done shook the game … it’s really way too early man!

Noise is the latest single from Takura and is out now with super-dope visuals match; with  and bars that relate to anyone who’s survived January. The track Noise addresses a lot but in simple terms Takura practically says if it’s not about the money it’s noise! Yeah, in this economy, it makes sense.

Not only does Takura reassure the Hip-Hop naysayers that he’s got it under control, mans continues to show off his creativity with some refined Mbira elements in this soon to be Trap banger.

The Trap Soul artist dropped some heat instead of love this February and we’re not mad.


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