#PoetryWednesday: My Progical Wife
Photo by Henri Pham

The Entry : For Better or Worse

I don’t deserve nice things, I’ve been in that mode for years.
I’ve been subjected to many bad situations, see bad vibes end up being imprinted.
The will to change circumstances has been a P1 agenda.
The pursuit to be a wise man of honesty and integrity has been a decision and is also ingrained.
The road to righteousness and prosperity is not as rosy as it was dreamt to be.

Sometimes all these complications just need someone to find somebody.
The Lord places a marvel in front of you only for you to open your eyes and you don’t even know how to act because you were never prepared for it.
You crush a good person’s soul who only just saw your inner glow, stunned by the greatness within.

Teamwork will never be the mind and soul, but two souls intertwined.
Whatever devils try and derail me, I’ll never stop trying.
Whatever setbacks we have, I’ll never stop pursuing you.

We were lovers yesterday, I feel worse today but will feel better tomorrow.
I’ve gone through changes to be man enough for you.
I embrace the woman in you like my future, as the light at the end of my tunnel.

The biggest challenge I have is unlearning the bad habits and traits that torment me.
My greatest accomplishment would be making you the happiest woman in the world.

The greatest loss will be losing a part of me which is you.

I am all but a broken down work in progress.
I never want to bring tears to your eyes, I never want to place fear in your heart, I never want to disgrace you.

I’m a fool for spoiling good things.

I beat myself up.
I need your forgiveness, I need your mercy.
My stupidity stinks, my selfishness sucks.

I promise to be a better man for you.

Valentine Tusai


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