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DJ Stavo Calls Out Celebs for Funeral Selfies

Zimbabwean Producer, DJ Stavo is clearly not amused by the conduct of his fellow celebs.

Real name Steven Saunders, DJ Stavo has won the hearts of audiences across racial lines; making occasional quips in Shona about everyday Zimbabwean struggles. DJ Stavo has since gained regional attention for strategic collabs with names likes Jah Prayzah and South Africa’s DJ Maphorisa. Corporates like Telone and Edgars have also been quick to take advantage of the Entertainer cum business man’s following.

DJ Stavo’s marriage to longtime sweetheart Kudzai Alifa definitely added to his ‘give him some land’ cool-factor landing him mukwasha (Shona for son-in-law), status to a good number of fans

It is probably for the same reason the cultured DJ took to Twitter to call out some local celebrities for acting contrary to Ubuntu at Oliver Mtukudzi’s funeral. The legendary Tuku passed on the 23rd of January from a prolonged illness. Zimbabwe and the world over have been in mourning ever since; numerous dignitaries and global personalities took to Social Media to post their condolences (and selfies).

DJ Stavo was appalled at so-called A-listers that posted videos and selfies while at the funeral in pursuit of likes and called the behaviour ‘disrespectful‘.

” It’s no wonder they say Zimbabwe has no celebrities”, tore Stavo.

Perhaps DJ Stavo is right. In our obsessions of sharing experiences, we can overlook the social obligations of presently mourning the greatest Zimbabwean icon of all time. #RIPMoralstoo

On the other hand.

Others argued that the selfies helped the vicariously pay respect to the late Legend. Even so, can one assume that if you take a selfie you’re mourning any less than one who doesn’t? What if the posers were only trying to share their grief? Do personalities have the responsibility of upholding the morals Oliver Mtukudzi sang about, time and time again or …is the people’s DJ taking it all a little too seriously?


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